Pixelateria common FAQs

Frequently asked questions

COVID-19 Safety Update

Our studio is open and our top priority is the safety of all of our subscribers, customers and community. Pixelateria encourages that all customers wear a face covering, even if fully vaccinated, while in the studio. COVID-19 safety protocols including social destancing wil stay in place for the time being. If you are feeling unwell, please postpone your appointment to enter Pixelateria. Thank you for keeping us all safe.


Yes, of course. Our main focus is to empower and develop a business with a potential client. You can write us an e-mail at scrie@pixelateria.ro

Yes, we do. But only for some of the services, not for all of them. We do travel on location when we have to. For example, we travel for architecture, event/corporate, product, and site survey photography, keep in mind that we have an added fee for traveling and equipment maintenance.

Currently only bank transfers, we can not accept cash payments because we don’t have a cash register.


No. We are doing also short videos and gif’s.

It depends, projects always vary. Usualy after we have the raw files (capturing images: videos or stills) we tend do need between five to 10 working days to wrap it up.

Yes of course. As long as we don’t have to pay for your project, we can work as needed and we accept offers but it has to be discussed and have an agreement on first.

The Space

We have desks, but our bussines is not about creating a generic hub to work in it 24/7, it’s manely creating a space where people can come and make their raw content, engage with the audience in an event and so on. It’s up to you where you’re editing and post processing the information that was created in the studio, we don’t offer that kind of solution.

We use Canon equipment in the studio for our projects. Our lighting system works with all camera brands. We have remote triggering and wired also. Remember that they are not TTL, we use manual because it’s more educational.

All you need is patience. The technical aspect of making photographs is very logical and by trial and error, you will manage to create good quality pictures. But if you want a fast learning curve you can choose to have a tutor next to you to jump start your activity.

You can subscribe for a minimum of 1 month. The month starts when you come and do your first activity. If you have hours left or entries they are not reported from one month to the next one.

Right in this moment, no. In the far future we do want to offer this kind of solution, but at this moment we are focusing on our subscribers. Please write us if you want this kind of services.

Only the freelance subscribers can rent out the equipment for in location photography activity.

Freelancer and Starter subscribers can request new equipment if they can’t solve their problem through easy DIY. Slow-Starter subscribers can’t request new equipment.

You can reach us by calling our number or writing us a mail. Check our contact info here.

On the Field

Yes we do. Contact us at scrie@pixelateria.ro for more information on our full-enght portfolio.

We think that the shortest time in which we can deploy it’s about three days. But keep in mind that we may be booked those days and travel expenses may be more pricey on a short term.

We have an hourly price and depending on the number of photos that exceed the value established in the contract, the extra photos will be added to the final price upon delivery.